Brian Horner, Owner

Sound Artist Support provides custom marketing, administrative support and management direction to independent artists across a diverse array of genres including folk, country, jazz, classical, rock, and children’s. These artists, operating outside of the context of a major record label and/or management firm, benefit from owner Brian Horner’s extensive and varied experience, his creative and non-traditional marketing concepts and his unique perspective as a businessman who is also a renowned recording and performing artist.

The wide range of services offered by SAS is the result of Horner’s ten years of music industry experience – non-profit management, marketing, promotion and operations for the Nashville Chamber Orchestra, and major label publicity, sales, marketing and creative services for artists such as Big & Rich, Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, Larry The Cable Guy and Blue Collar Comedy Tour. This variety of experience allows him to provide the services of several different “departments” within a flexible and economical pricing structure.

Please feel free to send an email and begin a discussion about how the custom services of Sound Artist Support can help bring clarity to the business side of your work so that you can focus on and grow the creative side.

“Sound Artist Support has what the independent artist needs – that is to say, a little bit of everything. From tour press to marketing ideas to administrative tasks, SAS does the work that I can’t or don’t have time to do, leaving me precious time to do what’s important – make music. It’s like having a manager, personal assistant and publicist on call.”

“I have been working with Brian Horner since 2008, and the leap forward in my career goals has been remarkable.  Brian has that special gift of being able to really get things done, make the calls, etc., yet never come off as pushy to anybody. This is a quality that is both rare and invaluable. I can always rest assured that I’m being represented in the best light by a very fine manager and person.”

“Brian Horner has helped me take my clinic work to the next level as well as having helped me on many other projects. He is easy to work with and the feedback I have had from others he has worked with on my behalf has been one hundred percent positive and glowing. If you need help with the little things as well as some of the big ones…Brian Horner is your guy!”

–Gretchen Peters

CMA Award-winning singer-songwriter

–John Mock

“From The Shoreline” – nationally acclaimed composer/multi-instrumentalist and photographer

–Jeff Coffin

3x Grammy-winning saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Jeff Coffin & the Mu’tet