Artist Consultations

Because my schedule won’t allow me to work with everyone who contacts me and because some projects do not require full-time involvement, I offer hour-long personal consultations via Skype and phone. These are designed to give you the direction you may need to begin pursuing your goals, or the expertise you need to take your pursuits to the next level. I’ll also share insights and ideas about creative approaches to your art which you may not have considered. I want to help if possible.

Consultation appointments are limited and “by audition”. Please email me for more information. Describe the type of input you’re looking for, and please include audio and video links if you’re able. I’ll get back to you and we’ll set an appointment if I feel I can be helpful.

Retainer-Based Support Services are custom to each artist, but can include:

• Management and coordination of day-to-day administrative tasks
• Development and execution of marketing initiatives
• Creative writing – bio preparation, website copy, album copy, etc.
• Coordination of the various arms of your business – distribution, promotion, publicity, webmaster, etc.
• Tour press
• Art direction – oversee design of CD packages, posters, website
• Production coordination – book studio time, hire musicians, handle AFM contracts, etc.
• Advancing of tour dates – coordinate production requirements: staging, lighting, sound, travel, etc.
• Travel arrangements
• Website/social networking site maintenance
• Development of online content
• Merch fulfillment
Email to schedule free consultation.

Creative Writing

Artist bios, press releases, “pitch blurbs”, website copy and other PR-related writing projects are available at an economical price and on an efficient schedule.  Pricing for these services is aimed at providing independent artists with high quality, professional materials that they can use repeatedly.

You can view sample artist bios and press releases here.

Email for more information.

Credit cards and Paypal accepted.